How to choose your alarm system?

Installing an alarm system remains the safest way to protect yourself from the risks of burglaries. Between wired, wireless, home automation systems and video surveillance, the choices are vast. I give you some practical cases to help you choose the right alarm system for your needs and the areas to be protected.

alarm system

Whether it is to protect the house during an absence (short or long term) think preventive by installing an alarm system. This installation can be thought of as a house construction, during a renovation, it is even possible to upgrade your existing alarm system, the time is always welcome to invest in an alarm system and protect yourself from intrusions.

Indeed, professionals warn: alarms are often only installed after a first break-in! With burglaries on the rise in 2013, the French alarm systems market is booming and offers increasingly scalable, connected and innovative solutions. How to find your way through the plethora of proposals made to individuals? Some practical examples to guide you.

I want an alarm system that is easy and quick to install

The solution: a wireless alarm

Wireless alarms are particularly suitable for quick and convenient installation as they do not require any work (no wall cracks, no cables to pull). These systems can be upgradable, you can add new sensors (movement or burglary sensors) at any time to extend the installation.

The extra thing: alarm systems are “nomadic”, in case of moving you can take them with you.

I want an alarm for a large, multi-storey house

The solution: a wired alarm

For large houses (over 100 square metres), it is advisable to invest in a wired system, especially if your living space has slightly off-centre rooms and corners that are difficult to access. The latter will be better “covered” by the detectors of a wired system. On the other hand, wired alarms are considered more reliable because they cannot be hacked unlike some wireless systems. If your house is under construction, it is also recommended to opt for a wired alarm system and install it directly during the work.

The extra trick: The wired alarm is cheaper than a wireless alarm… but you’ll have to add the cost of the installation!

I want an alarm for my apartment.

The solution: wireless alarms, wired… on an easily accessible floor: the alarm handles. No difference in choice for high-rise apartments (wireless or wired alarm depending on your preferences). If you live on the ground floor, on the first floor or if your windows are easily accessible, you can opt for a particularly innovative solution: an intrusion alarm integrated in the handles of your windows! These systems can be installed on your windows and thus prevent break-ins by acrobat burglars!

The extra tip: These systems can be placed directly on your window thanks to an alarm handle.

I want an alarm but I have a pet

Alarm systems with infrared volumetric detection can be adjusted according to the type of animal (dog, cat). The alarm thus only detects body masses of a large volume and moving at a certain height. This will allow your cat or dog to walk around without fear of triggering the alarm.

The extra tip: If you don’t want to invest in a special “cat” or “dog” detector, opt for opening detection alarms, which cannot be triggered by your pets.

I want an alarm for an isolated house

The solution: an alarm system with remote monitoring, video surveillance, or GSM alarm.

For isolated dwellings, the ideal solution is to opt for an alarm system coupled according to your means with a video surveillance system (small cameras that film the surroundings of your property) and remote surveillance. This last system allows you to notify a remote monitoring centre in the event of an intrusion, an ideal solution if your home is too isolated for the sound of an alarm to alert the neighbourhood. It is also possible to opt for the installation of a GSM alarm. Following the detection of an intrusion, the alarm system sends a message or a call directly to your phone. These calls can be switched to a remote monitoring centre if necessary.

The extra tip: Remote monitoring has become more accessible, packages start at around 20 euros per month.

Firearms Safety: Information for Families

Injuries caused by firearms can be completely avoided. Yet many children and adolescents are injured or killed by gunshots every year. The United States has the highest rates of gunshot deaths in the industrialized world.


Did you know that?

  • Among boys aged 15 to 24, gunshot wounds cause more deaths than fires, falls and drownings combined.
  • Among teenagers aged 15 to 19, half of all gun deaths are suicides. If you are concerned about your teen’s mental health, it is essential to remove all firearms from the house.
  • Rifles and shotguns, not handguns, are responsible for most gun deaths.

Can firearms be safely stored at home?

If you must keep a firearm at home, you must store it in accordance with the rules established by law.

Weapons should be kept out of the reach of children and adolescents and stored:

  • in a locked area or lock the trigger.
  • after unloading them, in a different place from the ammunition (bullets).

Children do not have the experience or maturity to distinguish a toy weapon from a real weapon. Moreover, they do not understand the consequences of their manipulation.

What is a powder-free firearm?

Powderless firearms refer to BB or air guns. Many of these weapons are almost as powerful as ordinary firearms.

Is this type of weapon safe?

When shooting with a powder-free firearm, BB pellets or bullets can penetrate the skin and cause significant internal damage. BB or air guns can cause serious eye injuries and even death, and are dangerous weapons that should not be used to play.

What is an airsoft weapon or a paintball weapon?

Airsoft and paintball are games that eliminate participants by hitting them with projectiles propelled by guns that look like guns. These projectiles can cause serious eye injuries and even blind injured persons. Young people should only use paintball and airsoft weapons in reputable places under the supervision of adults. They should wear a helmet and safety glasses at all times.

The alternative

Do your children absolutely want to play with weapons? Give them a Nerf Guns, much funnier and less dangerous.